People with Disabilities’ Bill of Rights

We believe that all people should enjoy certain rights. Because people with disabilities have consistently been denied the right to fully participate in society as free and equal members, it is important to state an affirm these rights. All people should be able to enjoy these rights, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion, or disability.

  1. The right to live independent, active, and full lives
  2. The right to the equipment, assistance, and support services necessary for full productivity, provided in a way that promotes dignity and independence.
  3. The right to an adequate income or wage, substantial enough to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities of life.
  4. The right to accessible, integrated, convenient, and affordable housing.
  5. The right to quality physical and mental health care.
  6. The right to training and employment without prejudice or stereotype.
  7. The right to accessible transportation and freedom of movement.
  8. The right to bear or adopt and raise children and have a family.
  9. The right to a free and appropriate public education.
  10. The right to participate in and benefit from entertainment and recreation.
  11. The right to equal access to and use all businesses, facilities, and activities in the community.
  12. The right to communicate freely with all fellow citizens and those who provide services.
  13. The right to a barrier free environment.
  14. The right to a legal representation and full protection of all legal rights.
  15. The right to determine one’s own future and make one’s own life choices.
  16. The right to full access to all voting processes.


The original author of this list is unknown.