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"It is having the right and the opportunity to follow a chosen course of action such as having a job or not working, driving your own vehicle or using public transportation, renting an apartment or living in a group home."

Here's What Our Consumers Say 

"Just so grateful that REACH of Dallas was there for me. I'd found myself in a difficult situation and felt I had no place to turn with my disability and a certain problem I was having concerning it. No one understood, and I didn't know how to resolve certain issues.  When I called 211, they referred me to a place which advocated for the disabled. I had no idea such a place existed, and when I called REACH, I met some wonderful people there who not only understood my situation, but took the time to let me explain and showed that they truly cared.  For the first time, I felt like someone was truly listening and willing to walk me through things and outline a solution for me. Harvey Spears went out of his way to help me resolve the problem I was having. Thank you, REACH of Dallas, and all the people there who helped me and treated me like family. I am deeply grateful to you all." R. B., REACH of Dallas Consumer

"REACH helps me with resources to help me be more independent and the social activities are fun to meet people and get out in the community. Staff are supportive and encouraging." S. A., REACH of Fort Worth Consumer

"Support group is awesome because of all the cool activities on Thursdays. The staff is cool and very supportive to all of us in the group. Thanks for all you do." S. S., REACH of Fort Worth Consumer

"As a woman who continues to endure the many physical, emotional, and social challenges that come with dealing with cerebral palsy, coupled with navigating the basic ups and downs of life in general, REACH of Plano has become a safe haven for me. For example, I have had the privilege of meeting other cool people with all types of disabilities – how exciting to establish an unspoken camaraderie right away? I feel REACH is the one place I can go and be myself without any explanation. Furthermore, it is refreshing to have stimulating conversations and do enjoyable activities especially, when I do not have to be self conscious that anyone is judging me or might think I am feeling sorry for myself when we have group discussions on a variety of topics related to our disabilities or not. I am proud to say that REACH along with the other consumers involved, have my back so to speak." K. W., REACH of Plano Consumer

"I am glad I joined the REACH groups. Through the various activities I have made life long friends." R. O., REACH of Fort Worth Consumer

"I spent 14 months in a nursing home. With the help of REACH, I was able to move out on my own. I have been in independent living for almost two years now. I have participated in various workshops at REACH. I would recommend REACH to anyone who needs their services." L. O., REACH of Plano Consumer

"As a client of REACH (Denton), I would like to offer my gratitude. After my first visit to Denton, Texas in May 2010, I returned to my home in California. My impression of Denton was intriguing. Previously, knowing I was needing to move, Denton suddenly became a top priority in my selection of choices.

In my internet endeavors to gather as much information about Denton and what it might offer for a blind individual I came across the REACH organization. My phone calls to the REACH Denton office were always answered in a professional, friendly way. My questions were either answered or references were offered. Prior to my decision to move to Denton I had spoke at length with three different employees at the Denton office. Each time gathering additional information not only about services offered to blind clients but also answers I had in regards to various other services.

Since becoming a client of the REACH Denton office I have greatly benefited from the services listed below.

Information regarding the paratransit transportation services.
Weekly support group meetings; of which I have attended on a regular basis from the previous September 2010. I would like to add on a personal level that these meetings are extremely helpful and supportive.
Assistance has been given with tactile labeling appliances in my home. As well as becoming familiar with Denton by the tactile labeling of a Denton city map.
The REACH office has provided me with a central location to meet others in Denton with various disabilities. Thus, allowing me to make new friends who in turn have assisted in additional familiarity to the city of Denton.

As one might imagine, moving to a state and city that one has never been to could be rather intimidating along with exhaustive. Add to this mix the feature of total blindness. Again, I reiterate, REACH has been and continues to be an important aspect in my life. Ever increasing my abilities in achieving various stages of independence". V.B., REACH of Denton Consumer

"REACH has brought more potential to my life as far as making new friends, meeting people, and being active". G.E., REACH of Dallas Consumer

"I no longer feel alone because I can go to REACH and be listened to by my peers and be provided with understanding and support". L.S.P., REACH of Denton Consumer

"REACH provides me with the referrals I need. Through REACH's skills classes I have learned which businesses are already accessible for socializing in the community. REACH is a place to meet other people with disabilities and make friends". W.A., REACH of Fort Worth Consumer

"REACH has affected my life in numerous ways. I have been given an outlet to meet friends, air opinions, experience new things, and be supportive towards other people with disabilities. I have learned many pieces of useful information and appreciate the fun, caring, and candid staff". S.A., REACH of Denton Consumer

"I know if I say or do anything I will have support to find out I was right or wrong in what I said or did". L.S.P., REACH of Denton Consumer

"It is a pleasure to be associated with REACH. For the last two years REACH has been really dedicated to helping me put my life back together again. Without REACH, it would be a lot harder to get my life back together. Thank you". H.K., REACH of Dallas Consumer