Reduced DART Fare Pass Program



Do you qualify for a DART Reduced Fare Pass based on disability?

You must attach proof of one of the following disabilities. (Dr.’s letter which specifies the nature of your disability on Dr.’s letterhead & signed by a doctor or a hospital diagnosis,; the diagnosis must be written out not just a number). Please check the diagnosis which applies to you and attach the documentation.

   __ Certified legally blind

   __ Certified deaf or profound hard of hearing

   __ Certified to be Non-ambulatory without assistance or mechanical aid

   __ Certified to qualify for at least 50% disability allowance through VA (Service Connected Only)

   __ Certified for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

   __ Certified Certified intellectual disability/intellectually disabled

   __ Certified as having a seizure disorder

In addition DART requires that we have a copy of the following documents.

Please check which items you have attached.

(Note: all lines below must be checked to obtain an id)

  __ Picture I.D. either Driver’s license or Texas State picture I.D. card.

  __ Copy of SSDI card or entitlement letter or Medicare card or if under age 65, a Dr.’s Letter/Medical record signed by a doctor verifying the specific disability that was checked.

A Medicaid Card does not qualify anyone for this disability based DART reduced fare pass.

Make an appointment with Janie Peachee @ 214-630-4796 or the DART authorized clerk in our Plano center 972-398-1111.

Once you bring these documents to

REACH of Dallas, 8625 King George Dr. Suite 210, Dallas, TX 75235, (no faxed I.D. allowed) we can print you a form 1000.

Take the form along with $2.00 to the DART Store downtown at 1401 Pacific (Akard Station).

Photo IDs are made at the DART Store weekdays between 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. only.

* If you purchase a pass with a Lone Star (SNAP) card you automatically pay half price.

If you are over 65 you may obtain your Reduced Fare Pass directly from DART with your social security card and a valid Texas picture ID showing your age.***