Message from ADAPT

It is important that we communicate to the Texas leadership our concerns that people with disabilities of all ages are being shortchanged when it comes to Community Services and Community Attendants.
Please call the numbers below on FRIDAY APRIL 3rd.  The message to tell them is also below.
Please distribute through your network.  The more calls the better!
The ADAPT of Texas Community

Call Governor Abbott/ Health and Human Services Advisor – Heather Fleming – 512.463.2000

Stephanie Muth, Medicaid Director

Lt. Gov. Patrick – Health and Human Services Policy Advisor – Jessica Olson – 512.463.0001


Speaker Bonnen – Policy staff
Kyler Arnold Ramsey – 512.463.1000

on Friday April 3rd


Good Day!

My name is ________.  I live in _____Texas

I know Texas is getting a 6.2% increase in the Medicaid match and some portion of the $150 billion from the new federal funding. I want you to use that money to make the following funding increases and policy changes to respond to the Corona Virus:

Increase hours for people who use Community Services;

Classify Community Attendants as the essential healthcare workers that they are;

Make sure Community Attendants get adequate personal protections — like gloves, masks and gowns;

Pay Community Attendants time and a half for overtime, pay for their healthcare and sick leave;

Ensure you protect Vent users (as well as all people with disabilities of any age) from any healthcare rationing based on their disability.  You CANNOT take someone’s vent from them;

Suspend EVV;

Outreach for more Community Attendants — starting today;

Texas needs to do this under your current authority or submit an 1135 and/or an 1115 waiver.

Thank you