Forth Worth, Dallas, Denton & Plano Resource Centers on Independent Living

Julie Espinoza with REACH of Plano, Elected NCIL Region 6 Representative

NCIL nomination requested

Please Let Me Introduce Myself . . .

My name is Julie Espinoza, Skills Specialist at the REACH of Plano CIL in North Texas. I will be completing Diana Garrett’s Region 6 term as she has begun new opportunities and will be missed with NCIL and with Dynamic Independence CIL in Oklahoma. Her shoes will be hard to fill!

I am honored to be able to represent Region 6 as I know firsthand that CILS are unique community treasures for people with disabilities. I have 27 years experience with the IL Movement and have served with the Texas State Independent Living Councils’ Health & Fitness Program Advisory Council, NCIL’s Sub-committee on Violence & Abuse Against People with Disabilities, ADAPT of Texas, Coalition of Texan’s with Disabilities and many various other committees and projects.  I have been at REACH of Plano since it opened 6 years ago and was with the REACH of Dallas office prior to that. I am a Social Worker, a person with a significant disability, a mother, grandmother & I love travel, art and politics.

What’s Next?

I hope to be re-elected to the Region 6 Representative position next month at the NCIL Conference. If I am so fortunate I will pour my energy into this role as I feel passionately that CILs are the gateway for the emerging leaders in the disability rights movement. We are the clusters where people with disabilities can meet, talk, grow and join into a movement where our perspectives, time & talents are crucially needed. I enjoy working in social services, engaging in activism and finding ways to outreach with social media. Leadership development of our consumers and involvement with community partners on common goals is what I would like to focus on strengthening if elected. I also would like to showcase the activities of CILs in all five states and the activities of our community partners as well. By using social media and having more conversations – we all benefit and our advocacy becomes more successful.
Vote for me this July! If you are not an individual member or an agency member – join!