Charlotte A. Stewart

Executive Director

Responsible for the overall administration of the REACH organization, including its four projects, the REACH Resource Centers on Independent Living in Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton and Plano.

Kiowanda Jasso

Information & Referral Specialist

Responsible for handling information and referral requests, answering the telephone, filing, maintaining the active and closed consumer service records and database for the center. Also coordination of the loaner equipment program.

Kevan Johnson

Employment Consultant

Responsible for employment assistance, including job skills training, job search, job development, advocacy, placement and ADA technical assistance.

Pamela Momon

Youth Outreach Coordinator and Housing Resource Specialist

Responsible for coordinating the youth transition service program and responsible for identifying existing North Texas housing options and maintaining a database of this information, advocating for the housing needs of people with disabilities, and networking with other entities that are developing housing options.

James Moore

Office Clerk

Responsible for miscellaneous clerical duties, handling information and referral request, and coordination of the center's professional clothing closet.

Janie Peachee

Administrative Assistant

Responsible for providing administrative support to the Executive Director.

Mavis Ravin

Community Living/Relocation Specialist

Responsible for assisting interested nursing home residents prepare for and move into the community and coordinate independent living skills training sessions for consumers.

Harvey Spears

Outreach, Advocacy & ILS Training specialist

Responsible for outreach to unserved/under served populations, networking with other organizations, individual and systems advocacy, and monitoring of disability legislation.

Janet Wilkinson

Housing Resource Specialist

Responsible for identifying the different types of existing housing operations in the North Texas area and creating a database of this information, advocating for the housing needs of people with disabilities in the North Texas area, and network with other entities that are developing new housing options.