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REV UP Texas Townhall Voting Questions Answered


Questions – a link to the video anwering these questions is at bottom.

How do people in nursing facilities, assisted living or group homes vote?

Can felons vote?

I have a guardian.  Can I vote?

Could you summarize all the legal challenges to voting in Texas?

Is there a fund to help pay for transportation to the polls?

I’m a University of Texas student. I don’t have a driver’s license.  Can I use my student ID?

I’m a member of ADAPT.  I have been arrested for civil disobedience. Can I vote?

i have diabetes.  I never have considered myself a person with a disability.  Can I legally check the disability box for a mail in ballot?

Where/what is the best way to track election results?

Are there ballots in Spanish?

Quite a few people I serve have anxieties about voting especially this year. Do you have any advice or insight about overcoming these anxieties?

I heard League of Womens Voters (LWV) has good info.  Would you recommend

How can I find out what is on the ballot and candidate(s) positions?

I have a brain injury and my memory isn’t good,  can i bring in who I want to vote for to the polls

There are voters that don’t speak English.  Will REV UP Texas have this information in Spanish any time soon?

I got a mail in ballot but changed my mind and want to go to the polls. what do I do?

I go Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. Can I ask for an ASL interpreter?

Are there ballots in braille?

I have coordination issues.  Can I vote all Democrats or all Republicans?

Are there voting trainings throughout the state?

I heard there will be people with guns at the polls.  Is that legal?