REV UP Texas Contact: Bob Kafka    
   REV UP Looks to Presidential Election to Capitalize on the Power of the Disability Vote
February 18, 2020 (Austin, TX)—As voters prepare for primary elections around the country,
REV UP, a nonpartisan coalition of disability and voting rights groups, takes stock of a growing
body of news articles and studies that demonstrate the increase in visibility and participation of
voters with disabilities.
   People with disabilities represent about 20% of the U.S. population1. While this group has
historically faced daunting barriers at multiple points in the voting process, voter turnout of
Americans with disabilities surged in the 2018 election. A Rutgers study concluded that 14.3
million people with disabilities voted in that election, 49.3% of eligible voters with disabilities,
compared with 40.8% in 20142.
   REV UP Texas is working with organizations across the state to turn out Texans with disabilities
to vote on March 3, Super Tuesday, ushering the power of the disability vote into 2020.
On the national level, REV UP Texas is partnering with the American Association of People
with Disabilities (AAPD) to organize a network of state disability voting coalitions around the
country. Currently, over 30 states have organized REV UP or similar coalitions.
Based on research conducted by Rutgers, between 2014 and 2018, states with a REV UP
coalition saw a 9% increase in voter turnout among people with disabilities, compared to 5.7% in
non-REV UP states3.
   “These studies tell us that Americans with disabilities are increasingly using their power at the
ballot box—despite the many barriers they continue to face with the registration and voting
process,” says Bob Kafka, a lead organizer with REV UP Texas. “REV UP works to encourage
this momentum, with the hopes of meaningful representation at every level of government.”
    On June 22, AAPD and REV UP Texas are hosting POWER: The Disability Vote, Elect for
Inclusion, a daylong summit in Austin, Texas. The Summit invites presidential candidates from
both major parties to discuss their positions on disability issues, as well as offer panels and
presentations that will inform and support disability advocates to advance the disability vote.
REV UP Texas Contact: Bob Kafka
About REV UP Texas
Since 2016, the non-partisan, statewide non-profit REV UP Texas has aimed to increase voter
turnout and political participation among people with disabilities through Registration,
Education, and Voting. REV UP Texas is part of a national REV UP Campaign coordinated by
the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).
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