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#BeYourOwnNormal social media series, featuring YOU!

Four people outside wears a "Be Your Own Normal" shirt.

The CIL is excited to share that we’re putting together an ongoing #BeYourOwnNormal social media series, featuring YOU!
#BeYourOwnNormal promotes independence and celebrates who we are, who we want to be, and what we do. The objective of the series is to share your experiences and bring the idea of “being your own normal” to the rest of the community and potentially, the whole world.
As many of us have self-isolated in the face of COVID-19, we hope that #BeYourOwnNormal can connect us with one another while we can’t be together face-to-face.
We are envisioning a project similar to Humans of New York, where you can share your photo and your story.

"Be Your Own Normal". Changing what society accepts as "normal" requires us to be radically visible. We believe it's crucial that people with disabilities get out into their communities, do whatever they want to do and be whomever they want to be - and most importantly - to be seen.

Woman wears a gray shirt, "Be Your Own Normal".
If you’d like to contribute your story:

  1. We are looking for personal stories of around 350 words or less. You can share anything you would like – life lessons, accomplishments, memories; tell us what #BeYourOwnNormal means to you.
  2. Please include at least 1, up to 9 images where you feel most you!

Please submit your story and photo(s) here:

Please note that by submitting a response, you’re consenting to TheCIL using your story and images across its platforms.
We look forward to connecting with our entire CIL community and beyond!
Thank you,

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 The Center for Independent Living, Inc. (TheCIL) emerged from the independent living movement of the 1960s as a powerful social catalyst on the University of California at Berkeley campus. There, Ed Roberts, Hale Zukas, and Jan McEwan Brown joined forces to lead a movement that made the full academic and social life of the university accessible to all. In 1972, these students and community members joined together to form The Center for Independent Living, Inc.

     From 1975 to 2011, TheCIL headquarters were located near the UC Berkeley campus on 2539 Telegraph Avenue. There, we provided services for people with disabilities that included wheelchair repair, assistance finding accessible and affordable housing, and vocational training. TheCIL also hosted the first national conference on independent living in 1975. Our peer-based services were so successful that today TheCIL serves as a model for roughly 400 independent living centers nationwide, as well as similar programs in 20 countries.

      To learn more about TheCIL, their offices, and general disability rights history in Berkeley, click here to download a timeline..