September 9, 2020

Monies are available for use within the program due to a lack of uptake of slots
which became available this year. Only 5 of 300 joined the CMPAS rolls.

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Meetings have been held specifically with Outreach Health Services and HHSC to address the funding issues with, and the continuation of, the Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services program (CMPAS, Agency and Consumer Directed Services model).
CMPAS is a Title XX program and this potentially puts the program at risk because it is not a Medicaid funded matched program.  Every year our CMPAS services are being reassessed while every year the program’s monies are being squeezed and reduced. WE need to help educate and outreach about this service program that can benefit people who believe they may not be eligible for attendant services due to being over the Medicaid income eligibility. CMPAS is available to cover that gap.
This year we have learned that there is surplus revenue because of the 300 CMPAS waiting list slots opened, and only 5 people chose CMPAS. So, if you or anyone you know is using CMPAS and needs, for example, more hours or request for raises in their attendant’s wage, please act now.
We do not know how long this window of opportunity will last. Get the word out!

Please forward this email to fellow advocates, users of CMPAS, and the Independent Living Centers so our COMMUNITY of persons with disabilities living independently in the community can maintain that independence through this opportunity.
Sign up for more info to act!! email Julie Espinoza, Assistant Director REACH of Plano