Texas Attendant Project (TAP) RALLY at the State Capital in Austin Texas!

Mar 8 2017 -
12:00pm to 4:00pm
Advocate holding ADAPT Flag

It Is Time To Make Changes!

Today - take some simple actions that can add up to BIG differences!

Texas Attendant Project (TAP) RALLY at the State Capital in Austin Texas! Attendants, People with Disabilities & Disability Advocates - Come ALL!  March, Rally & Speak to our Texas Representatives about the unacceptable State wage for in home attendants - $8/hr! This pay rate ensures that we will be placed needlessly in nursing homes due to the shortage of attendants willing to work for so little! 

$$$$ Stipends available for travel & meals to and from Austin. 

There will be a Respect and More Community Attendant Rally and briefing:
Wednesday, March 8th at 11 AM at the Schmidt-Jones Family Life Center, Great Hall (2nd floor), 

1300 Lavaca (NW corner of 13th and Lavaca), Austin TX 78701 for Lunch and the Legislative Briefing from 11 AM to 12:30 PM with a 1pm March. 

This is a joint project of REACH of Plano & ADAPT of Texas. Call Julie Espinoza for more info 972/398-1111.

Can't make the trip? There's plenty you can do right here:
3. making local visits - Call Julie Espinoza for help setting up - 972/398-1111
4. making contributions to Rally costs
5. signing online petitions
6. calling your Representatives office Find out who that is
7. Volunteer with REACH of Plano's TAP Press Conference!  MARCH 16th.  Call Julie Espinoza 972/398-1111 or email

VOTERS! Disability Rights of Texas needs your voter experience input! Take a few seconds to share your experiences with their online survey! Click here

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