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Pew Internet & American Life Project Findings

Americans living with a disability are less likely than other adults to use the internet. According to a national survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in September 2010, 54% of adults living with a disability use the internet, compared with 81% of adults who report none of the disabilities listed in the survey. Two percent of American adults say they have a disability or illness that makes it harder or impossible for them to use the internet. The survey found that about one-in-four (27%) American adults live with a disability that interferes with activities of daily living. Statistically speaking, disability is associated with being older, less educated, and living in a lower-income household. By contrast, internet use is statistically associated with being younger, college-educated, and living in a higher-income household. People living with disability, once they are online, are also less likely than other internet users to have high-speed access or wireless access. The Pew Internet Project report provides context for the continuing conversation about who does -- and does not -- use the internet in the U.S., including a proposal to extend the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act to include websites operated by certain entities.

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Image of the PLEXTALK PocketThe PLEXTALK Pocket is a lightweight, pocket-sized, DAISY-compliant music, voice, and book player/recorder that offers revolutionary mobility and ease of use by anyone in business, education and leisure. It is the world's first true crossover media player/recorder which contains a host of applications and which also comes packed with features that support unsurpassed accessibility for people with sight problems or learning difficulties.

  • With the PLEXTALK Pocket in your bag or in shirt pocket, you can enjoy listening to digital talking books and play your favorite music. Dimension : 55 x 112 x 16mm or 2.2 x 4.4 x 0.6inches, weight : 110 g or 3.9 ounces only!
  • More useful recording features than IC recorders; just press a button to insert a heading while recording long conferences or classes, and you can playback only what you want to review by navigating by the headings. Also, the voice memo can be used for remembering telephone numbers, appointments, To Do Lists, etc.
  • PLEXTALK Pocket features the world?s first wireless LAN function as a dedicated DAISY digital book player. This function offers you a usage of sharing your books or files between your computer and your PLEXTALK Pocket via wireless LAN at your home or office without using a USB cable. More features by using this wireless LAN connections will be expected with further enhancements of firmware.
  • Choice of sound output, built-in large volume speaker or bundled stereo earphone.
  • You can add more capacity with a larger SD cards thus storing to carry as many books and music titles as you want. PLEXTALK Pocket supports up to 32GB SDHC.
  • Sleep timer function that switches off by itself automatically at the setting time.
  • Connect to a Windows PC*1 and the PLEXTALK Pocket becomes an external drive by using the bundled USB cables, or becomes a network shared folder via wireless LAN at your home or office. You just drag-and-drop files on your PC to PLEXTALK Pocket, without any specific folder name rules. Now you are ready to go out with your favorite DAISY books, other digital talking books, MP3or WMA*2 music, text, html, MS-Word doc, etc.
  • If you have our PTR1 or PTR2 products, you can copy the contents on your CD from either of them to the PLEXTALK Pocket without a PC. Just connect the devices with a USB cable, and then press ?9? key to back up the files on CD to the SD card in the PLEXTALK Pocket.
  • PLEXTALK Pocket plays back from major content providers in the U.S.A,, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), Serotek SAMNET DAISY books*3. NLS contents are supported. PLEXTALK Pocket supports audio books.
  • Please contact the content provider to subscribe, and ask how to download contents onto your PC.
  • The battery is recharged via USB. Just connect your PLEXTALK Pocket to your PC or any USB port!

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Adaptive Technology

Christal Vision offers a range of screen magnification and screen reading software products to fit anyone's needs. Whether you are visually impaired, or squint at your computer screen and lean in to read the fine print, Christal Vision has a solution for you.

  • Video magnifiers: Increase the size of the printed page, allow visually impaired persons to participate fully in the classroom and their studies, enjoy family photos, take up old and new hobbies.
  • Reading appliances: Hear books and letters read aloud with easy push-button operation simply scan, play, and listen.
  • Screen Magnification Software: Magnify the computer screen up to 36 times; hear content read aloud; customize the monitor's view for ease of reading: add tint to the screen; set the content of the screen to appear in monochrome.
  • Refreshable Braille display: Use braille characters to read text output.
  • Screen readers: Make personal computers with Microsoft Windows accessible to blind and visually impaired users; provide users with access to the information displayed on the screen via text-to-speech or by the use of a Braille display.
  • Access Technology Instruction: Learn to access the internet with ease; to access Windows and open a new world; to produce and access word documents; excel in the use of Excel.

Contact us to make an appointment at our new location in the American Foundation for the Blind, Center on Vision Loss.

Marci Lopez, Product Specialist, Christal Vision Inc.

Cellular: (214) 732-5788
Office: (469) 522-1803 fax: (972) 236-2511
San Antonio Office: (800) 299-0700 Fax: (210) 662-7559



HIMS Low Vision Products:


HIMS low vision products for the visually impaired include both desktop and portable video magnifiers. Our popular portable models include the SenseView LIGHT, a 5-ounce pocket-sized unit with a 3.5" OLED high-brightness screen; the SenseView PORTABLE, featuring 9 magnification levels with a 4.3" LCD screen; and the SenseView DUO equipped with multiple features for reading, writing and distance viewing. The Lifestyle DESKTOP series features both Standard-Definition and our new High-Definition CCTV camera models. If you or someone you know has macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, inoperable cataracts, or other visual impairment, a HIMS video magnifier can help them retain or regain their independence and quality of life. SEE the Sense in SenseView!

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HIMS Braille Sense Notetakers:

Braille Sense Onhand

HIMS Braille Sense products for the blind and visually impaired are the ultimate Braille notetakers for productivity at work or school. They offer a host of applications and entertainment options. Our three models all provide Braille displays and speech output. You can select either an 18-cell or 32-cell refreshable Braille display and either a Perkins-style or QWERTY keyboard. Every HIMS notetaker includes a word processor, e-mail, web browser, database manager, scientific calculator, DAISY player and many more useful features such as Wi-Fi and optional Sense Navigation GPS. Braille Sense are the most powerful and reliable Braille notetakers on the market today. FEEL the Sense in Braille Sense!

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HIMS Deaf-Blind Communicators:

Braille Sense U2 Communicator

Braille Sense U2 image

The Braille Sense U2 offers a complete communications package uniquely suited to the Deaf-Blind. With its built-in, flippable LCD and a USB or Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, the Braille Sense U2 is a complete face to face communication package. The Braille Sense U2 also has a built-in vibration motor to provide accessible notification of messages and alarms. Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and compass provide navigation and connectivity on the go.

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The BookSense is a compact and lightweight portable DAISY player. This multi-function DAISY reader is compatible with a wide range of audio formats including DAISY and MP3. It has a built-in text to speech engine which enables a wide range of electronic documents to be easily accessible.

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i Can Connect:




iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone/iPod Touch resources:

iOS 7



With the new iOS 7 update release for the iPad(Second generation and up)/iPad Mini/iPhone(iPhone 4 and up)/iPod Touch(5th generation model only), there is a new interface, features and improved practical features built in to Accessibility. Please visit to see the new features in iOS 7 and the complete list of Apple devices that can upgrade to iOS 7. Before upgrading to iOS 7, make sure your apps are compatible with the upgrade or apps may not function properly.

Also there are many very useful Acccessibility apps at the iTunes store. Here are just a few:



AssistiveWare Proloquo2Go Augmentive and Alternative Communication(AAC) solution for individuals who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all.

Available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. For mor more information, visit





Nuance Dragon Dictation:

Nuance Dragon Dictation is an easy to use voice recognition app available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that allows you to speak and instantly see your text and email messages five times faster than typing on your keyboard. For more information, visit








Note: REACH Resource Centers on Independent Living does not distribute, give or loan electronic hardware such as iPads, iPod Touch, Android tablets, laptops, PCs, CCTVs, Magnifiers, Braille communicators, Daisy compliant readers or software. REACH Resouce Center of Plano does offer demonstrations on Assistive Technology equipment and software on loan to us. Please contact REACH Resource Center of Plano to inquire which equipment and software is available for demonstration that might suit your particular assistive need. iPad demonstrations are now available at our Dallas Resouce Center. Due to the nature of the varying user interfaces on Android, depending on the manufacturer and model, and constant software revisions, Android demonstrations are not available at this time. We will be adding it soon.

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