When is REACH closed?

Publication Date: 
Feb 4 2020

Bad Weather Closing

Should the Metroplex experience any icy or snowy weather, watch Channel 8 TV (WFAA) to learn if the REACH centers will be closing early, opening late or be closed for the day.


The Holidays observed by REACH are:

Th. & Fri., Nov. 28 & 29, 2019


Mon., Dec. 23-Tues., Dec. 31, 2019

Winter Holidays




Wed., Jan. 1, 2020

New Year’s Day

Mon., Jan. 20

Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mon., Feb. 17

Presidents’ Day

Fri. Apr. 10

Good Friday

Mon., May 25

Memorial Day

Fri., July 3

Independence Day

Mon., Sept. 7

Labor Day

Mon., Oct. 12

Columbus Day

Wed., Nov. 11

Veterans’ Day (observed)

Thurs., Nov. 26 & 27


Thurs., Dec. 24-

Fri., Dec. 31, 2018

Winter Holidays