Volunteers needed for a research study on pregnancy and disability

Publication Date: 
Dec 21 2017

Volunteers needed for a research study on pregnancy and disability


This study involves one telephone interview, which will take 60-75 minutes.


You may be eligible if you:

  1. Are a woman between 18 and 44  years of age AND
  2. Have a disability or are deaf or hard-of-hearing AND
  3. Have had an unplanned pregnancy


Participants will receive $30 for their time.

Please contact us by phone at 434-924-0074, or by email at studyforwomen@gmail.com


This research study is being conducted by the University of Virginia, the University of Montana, and the University of Missouri with IRB approval from the University of Virginia (IRB SBS 2016005300).  The study is funded by the National Institutes of Health.