Texas State Parks now have a few all terrain wheelchairs

Publication Date: 
Sep 15 2020

Texas Parks and Wildlife LogoTexas State Parks has purchased, with the help of a grant, a small fleet of all-terrain wheelchairs for visitors requesting ambulatory assistance. The all-terrain device operates similar to a mountain bike and uses a mechanical advantage to propel a person over uneven terrain without the use of a motor. The all-terrain chair gives visitors, who range from fulltime wheelchair users to someone requiring temporary assistance, a tool to explore the outdoors. This all-terrain device is one way a state park can provide an accommodation in an area where a capital project would fundamentally alter the nature of the activity or the environment. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested in trying the device or a healthcare provider interested in trying it out with a client. Please note that there is a waiver and a short instructional video prior to using this device. Link to the video https://youtu.be/q4rDMXdkxLA

Five State Parks with All-terrain wheelchairs:

  1. Lake Corpus Christi
  2. San Angelo
  3. McKinney Falls
  4. Estero Llano Grande
  5. Palo Duro Canyon

Please let us know if you have an opportunity to try these devices out. We welcome feedback and are interested to learn the usefulness of the all-terrain wheelchair in the field. Thank you

Sandy Heath, ADA Manager, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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