Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities Research Subjects Wanted

Publication Date: 
Jul 9 2019

Research Subjects Wanted!


The Collaborative is conducting a nationwide study that aims to evaluate Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) programs for transition-aged youth with early psychosis in terms of their promotion of community participation. We want to know about aspects of CSC services that assist young people, or could assist them, with participating in a variety of areas in the community, such as intimate relationships, leisure/recreation, spirituality/religion, and work or school. Though we have already have some excited group members, we are still looking for transition-aged youth with early psychosis to serve on a 20 member advisory board for the project.


The goal of the group will be to establish criteria to assess the community participation-orientation of CSC programs. This will be accomplished through monthly or bimonthly videoconference meetings and online interactions via a platform called CoDigital (www.codigital.com) where ideas can be organized. The group will also convene again after data have been collected from CSC programs to evaluate and interpret the findings. We expect that advisory group involvement will be for 9 months over the course of an approximately 20 month period. Advisory group members can make up to $600 in gift cards for successful completion of related tasks.


Please see the flyer below for more details: