Survey for People who use wheelchairs and their associates

Publication Date: 
Oct 19 2016
Survey by Mechanical Engineering students at The Ohio State University to determine needs of people who use wheelchairs

This survey is for a group of Mechanical Engineering students at The Ohio State University. We are performing research for our senior project in which we are planning to design a product for wheelchair users to be more independent.

We have not identified the type of product we will design yet. We are currently gathering information about tasks and situations that are frustrating in order to identify a design opportunity that we can help solve.

This survey is completely voluntary. You are free to drop out at any point. This information will only be shared with our classmates and professors. It will not be shared publicly.

MOST OF THE QUESTIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED. If you prefer not to fill out the questions that require longer answers you can just fill out the multiple choice questions.

Wheelchair User Survey:

Person associated with wheelchair users: