Superior Healthplan proudly supports Rehabilitation, Education, and Advocacy for Citizens with Handicaps Inc.

Publication Date: 
Mar 19 2020

REACH is Awarded a $5,000 Grant from

Superior HealthPlan

The funds will be used to purchase four laptop computers with essential software in order to conduct basic computer skills training with interested individuals with disabilities and seniors who live in Dallas or Collin County assisted living facilities or retirement communities. Training sessions may also be offered at senior centers, libraries, schools, and community and recreation centers. 

The goal of the project is to educate 50 individuals 18+ years of age over a 4-year period about computer basics, how to safely navigate the Internet, master using Microsoft office software, set up an email account, insure online privacy and security, etc.

Harvey Spears, Outreach, Advocacy & IL Skills Training Specialist at the REACH of Dallas center, will coordinate this project. Harvey has been a REACH employee for almost 10 years and one of his favorite job responsibilities has been conducting in-office basic computer skills training with consumers who’ve had little or no computer, Internet and/or email experience.

For more information about this project, please contact Harvey via phone at 214-630-4796 or email at