Stanford University, Department of Peds/Systems Medicine study on autism

Publication Date: 
Jan 31 2020

The Research Manager at the Wall Lab at Stanford University, is reaching out to you today about the potential to participate in an exciting new study for children with autism! In this study, they aim to understand the connection between bacteria in the gut and behaviors expressed by children with autism.



M3: Microbiome, Metabolites, and the Mind


They are reaching out to you today to see if you would be willing to post on our behalf on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and your email listerv(s) about this study so that we may reach our recruitment numbers in an unprecedented amount of time, allowing us to apply for additional funding from NIH and hopefully uncovering novel biomarkers for autism! We are reaching out to you, as you have such a robust and diverse cohort with a lot of “followers” on your various networking platforms. 

ALL participation is completed at home and online! We are looking for 100 families with two or more children, where:

1.       One child has a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and is between 2-7 years old,

2.       And another child without an autism diagnosis, who is no more than two years apart in age of the first child.

The study procedures include responding to an online behavioral and dietary survey, uploading a 3-minute home video, and collecting stool and saliva samples at home for each child.

Please see our most recent press release on SF Chronicle here, a KQED press release, our recruitment flyer below, and our study website to sign up now! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jena Daniels

Clinical Study Manager

Stanford University, The Wall Lab

Department of Peds/Systems Medicine