Open Position at REACH of Plano

Publication Date: 
Nov 8 2017




To: REACH Colleagues, Supporters, & Potential Job Applicants

From: Charlotte A. Stewart, Executive Director

Date: 11/6/17

Needed: A full time Community Living & Youth Transition Specialist

at the REACH of Plano Resource Center on Independent Living.


Please see the included job description for a detailed list of job responsibilities and required knowledge, experience, and skills for this full time position. Salary: $32,000 per year. Benefits: employer paid health, life, and long-term disability insurance.

Interested and qualified job applicants that posses the knowledge, experience, and skills listed on the job description should submit a current resume with a cover letter explaining in detail the knowledge, experience and skills they have to be successful in doing this job. Cover letters and resumes must be received by 5:00PM on Monday, November 27th. Cover letters and resumes should be submitted via e-mail or fax to REACH of Plano Assistant Director Julie Espinoza.


Email -

Type the word RESUME on the subject line.

       Fax – 972-398-9649



REACH is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People and veterans with disabilities who have the required knowledge, experience, and skills are encouraged to apply. Applicants that are bilingual in English and Spanish and have the required knowledge, experience, and skills are encouraged to apply.







Responsible for coordinating individual and systems advocacy efforts and training, networking with

other organizations, conducting public relations and outreach activities to promote the center and its services, and managing the youth transition program.


           EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Full time hourly position (non-exempt).



A. Youth Transition Program Duties   

   1. Maintain collaborative working relationships with Texas Workforce Commission Vocational

       Rehabilitation Transition Counselors, Collin County Independent School Districts, local high

       schools, the Region X Education Service Center, etc.

   2. Participate, as needed, in transition planning with individual students and attend their Admission,

       Review & Dismissal (ARD) Process meetings

   3. Develop and teach independent living skills training curriculum on various topics that youth with

       disabilities will need to know in order to transition successfully into adult life after leaving high school

   4. Provide peer counseling/peer support, advocacy assistance, and information and referral

       assistance as needed

   5. Coordinate a week long summer independent living skills training camp session for the youth


B. Outreach Duties

   1. Conduct ongoing public relations and outreach activities that include giving presentations,

       attending community meetings, participating on committees and advisory boards, and

       reaching out to unserved/underserved populations to educate them about REACH services and

       activities and generate referrals.

   2. Network with local, state and national organizations to advance issues of importance to people

       with disabilities.


C. Advocacy Duties

   1. Assist consumers with their self-advocacy efforts by providing support and/or

       advocating for them when they are unable to advocate for themselves.

   2. Coordinate self-advocacy training sessions with consumers.

   3. Educate consumers on an ongoing basis about local, state, and national legislative

       initiatives affecting people with disabilities.

   4. Advocate for systems changes that will foster the inclusion of people with

       disabilities in community life; i.e., affordable, accessible & safe housing, increasing

       community transportation options, diverse employment opportunities, physical and

       attitudinal barrier removal, etc.


D. Miscellaneous Duties

     Coordinate/schedule periodic professional counseling and/or training sessions for interested consumers.    



1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

2. Ability to interact with all types and ages of people and make presentations to both

    large and small groups.

3. Experience/knowledge of the issues confronting individuals with disabilities; i.e.,

    Medicaid, Medicare, SSI & SSDI benefits, housing, employment, and access.

4. Experience in conducting effective and successful individual and systems advocacy.

5. Ability to work with minimal daily supervision.

6. Experience in training/teaching others.



1. Ability to work on a computer for extended periods of time.

2. Ability to maneuver around in the community to attend meetings, network, and conduct

    public relations activities, meet with consumers, etc.

3. Ability to periodically work evenings/weekends in order to attend meetings, legislative

    hearings, community forums, conferences, etc.

4. Ability to work on the telephone for extended periods of time.



The Community Living & Youth Transition Specialist will report to the REACH of Plano Assistant Director and REACH’s Executive Director.


           ROUTINE HOURS:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, however some periodic

           adjustment to routine hours may occur, but will not go over 40 hours per week. 


           COMPLIANCE REQIREMENTS: REACH maintains a policy of compliance with the

           employment requirements of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities

           Act.  REACH provides reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

           REACH is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring employees that reflect

           the diversity of the North Texas community.