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Aug 28 2019

2019 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Survey

Aug 7 2019

Summer is Here! It’s a great time to update your DART Paratransit Services’ Customer Information

Any  recent  changes  to  your  Address,  Emergency  contact  information  or Cell/telephone 

numbers?  Changes to your Apt number, Gate codes?

DART Paratransit Services needs to know!!  Before you Go!!

Keeping  your  customer  file  updated  is  one  of  the  many  ways  to  reduce unforeseen delays 

that may impact your trips. Mobility Management Services is  committed  to  providing  our  

Jun 19 2019

2019 Annie Jones Driver Excellence Award

My Ride Dallas Tell us about your outstanding driver!

My Ride Dallas brings together over 90 organizations to work to connect people with disabilities and older adults to transportation options in Dallas County.