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Feb 7 2018


If you were living in a county that was affected by Hurricane Harvey and had to relocate to another county, please know that you can still vote in your home county or the county in which you currently reside. In regards to the voting and residence, the Secretary of State’s office has said that, you are the one who decides what you consider to be home.

You will need to make decisions by certain deadlines, as all regular deadlines are still in place and have not been waived.

Jan 3 2018

New Name and Time

“Independence & Beyond” training

formerly Adjustment to disAbility Training

Monday Jan. 8th 1:30-3PM &

Wednesday Jan. 24th 10:30AM-Noon

Wednesday Feb. 7th & 21st 10:30AM-noon

Dec 14 2017

A couple of months ago, DRTx received word that the Voc Rehab portion of TWC may not be offering people the option of registering to vote (which they should be doing per the National Voter Registration Act of 1993).  We have partnered with the Texas Civil Rights Project (i.e. Beth Stevens) to look into this and try to find people who have received Voc Rehab services through TWC and been denied the option of registering to vote.  In our expansive search, I thought perhaps the DPC listserv may know of individuals who experienced this.

Nov 9 2017

Shared Mobility and Self-Driving Vehicles Survey


Nov 3 2017

Houstonian James Parker receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Image of James Parker

Photo of 2017 Employment Award winner, James Parker

Oct 30 2017

Just Thought You'd Enjoy This Announcement!

NCIL and ADAPT Announce the National Organizing Project
Oct 25 2017

CHRIL Presents... What CILs and CIL Consumers Need to Know

about Health Insurance Open Enrollment


October 31, 2017
3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time