Election Day is coming up - Tuesday, November 7! Make Your Vote Count!

Nov 2 2017

Election Day is coming up - Tuesday, November 7!

Photo of Justin Dart speaking into a microphone about the text "VOTE as if your life DEPENDS on it - Because it DOES!"
State and local elections affect many important aspects of our communities. Unfortunately, voter turnout for local elections is consistently low, leaving many voices unheard. Let's make sure our elected officials pay attention to the power of the DISABILITY VOTE and the needs of our community!

Your vote matters - make yourself heard on Election Day!


Find your Polling Place

Make sure you know where to go on November 7th! Get to the Polls can help you identify your polling place - you just need to enter your address. 


Voter ID Requirements

Remember to bring identification with you to the polls! Vote Riders developed these handy Voter ID Info Cards that include updated information on what IDs are accepted to vote in your state. They even have printable wallet-sized cards!


What's on the Ballot

The League of Women Voters provides a Personalized Ballot through Vote411.org. Learn where candidates running for office in your community stand on the issues.


Having Trouble Casting your Vote?

Contact Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) to get free, comprehensive support from the nation’s largest non-partisan voter protection coalition.

You can also call the Voter Assistance Hotline run by your state protection and advocacy agency. Visit the REV UP State Resources and Events page to find the hotline for your state as well as other state-specific resources.


Encourage Others to REV UP and Get Out The Vote

Make sure your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances are prepared to go out and vote on November 7!

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People with disabilities accounted for nearly 17% of eligible voters in 2016. When we include our families, we account for 25% of the total electorate. 

We can influence our family, friends, advocates, educators, professionals, providers, and bureaucrats to vote in favor of disability rights!

Sample Tweets

#ElectionDay is November 7! Do you have a plan to get to the polls to cast your #vote? #REVUP #VoteDisability #CripTheVote

#REVUP and make your voice heard on Election Day! #VoteDisability on November 7! 

Speak up for your community and the issues that matter to you. #REVUP and #vote on #ElectionDay - November 7!


Sample Facebook Posts

Election Day is coming up on November 7th! Do you have a plan to #REVUP and #VoteDisability? Make sure you know your local polling place and the voter ID rules for your state. 

Speak up for your community and the issues that matter to you this Election Day. #REVUP and vote on November 7!

REV UP Campaign PSA
I change the world when I vote. You change the world when you vote. We change the world when we vote together!

Establish or Join the REV UP Disability Voting Coalition in your State

The purpose of REV UP State Disability Voting Coalitions is to influence election and policy outcomes at the local, state, and national level. We have Coalitions established and developing in 21 states and are working to expand to more! We are looking for leaders who can pull together and organize advocates in their state to work together around voter registration and engagement activities and help establish a strong, diverse Coalition. The 2018 midterm elections are one year away - contact us at zbaldwin@aapd.com if you are interested in getting involved.