Collin County Rides, a new transportation program offered by DART in Wylie, Allen and Fairview for people with disabilities and those over age 65

Oct 25 2016
New reduced rate transportation available in Collin County

The new way to DART about town!
All the convenience of a regular taxi, at a fraction of the price!
Introducing Collin County Rides, a new transportation program offered by DART in Wylie, Allen and Fairview.

This new service is for any resident that is age 65 or over OR has a certified disability.

It's Easy to Get Rolling!

Enroll online at

Provide proof of residency AND
proof of either age OR disability.

Get $200 in transportation value
each month – at a cost of only $50 to you!

Load value on your card online or by mail.

Register your card at
so your funds can be recovered in the event
your card is lost or stolen.

Check your balance anytime at
or 1.877.900.7604, Option 1.

Call, Swipe and Go!

Call 469.470.2325 (Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) to schedule your trip.

Plan ahead by scheduling at least one day prior to your trip (for Monday trips, no later than Friday).

Let us know when and where you want to go and if you will be using a mobility device.

Provide the Collin County Rides program code when you book: CCR2016

Swipe your card at the beginning and
end of each trip.

Go anywhere and explore,
Monday – Friday, 5 a.m. – 6 p.m.!



Collin County Rides
For Wylie, Allen, and the Town of Fairview Residents
This new service is available on Monday, October 3, 2016
Collin County Rides Demand Responsive Taxi Subsidy Fact Sheet

Service Area: The municipalities of Wylie, Allen, and the Town of Fairview in Collin County comprise the service area. Registered residents may travel anywhere. This includes connecting to the DART service area. The only limitation is the amount of funds on the taxi debit card.

Service Hours: Passengers may schedule pickups and drop offs between 5:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m. Service is provided on weekdays only, beginning Monday, October 3rd.

Scheduling Trips: Collin County Rides demand responsive service phone reservations are available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Reservation line: 469-470-2325

Call Center Information: Cancellations and "Where's my Ride" calls will be answered between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. "Where's my Ride" allows riders to check the status of their vehicle on the day of the scheduled trip.

Program Code: When calling to schedule a ride, please give the Program Code: CCR2016 to the call taker to confirm that you are part of the Collin County Rides Program. They will be able to give you an estimated cost for your trip.

Vehicles: A variety of taxis will operate Collin County Rides. Not all taxis are accessible, accessible service must be requested at the time of scheduling.

Service Operation: Irving Holdings, DART's contractor, will operate service and will be responsible for call center operations, scheduling, dispatching, driver operations and management, vehicle maintenance, safety and licensing requirements, fare and data collection and reporting to DART.

Medical certificate or state or federal disability identifications required for proof of disability.

Qualified disabilities for Collin County Rides are as follows:

  1. Certified legally blind
  2. Certified deaf or profound hard of hearing
  3. Certified to be Non-ambulatory without assistance or mechanical aid
  4. Certified to qualify for at least 50% disability allowance through VA (Service Connected Only)
  5. Certified for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  6. Certified intellectual disability/intellectually disabled
  7. Certified as having a seizure disorder

Eligibility: Collin County Rides will serve registered residents of Wylie, Allen, and Fairview only who are senior citizens age 65+ and/or persons with disabilities. Persons interested in applying for the service should go online to for information and to access a web portal to register and upload documents to prove eligibility or call DART's Certification office at 214-828-6717 and DART will work with you to see if you qualify.
·        An online registration portal will be available later this fall.
In the meantime, download the application to register for the Collin County Rides Program. (PDF file opens in a new window. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
·        Print the completed registration form. Mail form and verification documents to:
DART Collin County Rides Program
P.O. Box 660163
Dallas, TX 75266-7271

Once you are enrolled, DART will provide you with a reloadable taxi debit card.

Subscription Trips: Riders who have regularly scheduled medical appointments may be eligible for subscription service. This service eliminates the need to call and schedule each individual trip in advance. A scheduling representative will be able to determine eligibility and assist in setting up a subscription.

Advanced Scheduling: All trips may be scheduled up to two service days in advance by registered clients. Return trips must be scheduled in advance based upon expected completion time. Monday trips are to be scheduled no later than the Friday before.

Same Day Scheduling: Same day scheduling of trips is not permitted.

Ready Time Window: DART will operate Collin County Rides service on a 0-to-20 minute window for scheduled pick-ups. The vehicle is considered to be on time when it arrives within the assigned 20 minute ready-time window. Passengers are encouraged to be ready ten minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time and are expected to board within the first 5 minutes of the vehicle arriving.

Assistance: You must be able to get yourself and any equipment you require into and out of the taxi.

No-Show: A rider is given a no-show when the vehicle arrives within the 20 minute ready-time window and the rider fails to board the vehicle within 5 minutes of the vehicle's arrival. Riders may be penalized for excessive no-shows.

Trip Denials: Trip requests may be denied due to capacity constraints or eligibility.

Fare: Fares are to be paid using the taxi debit card. Taxi debit cards may not be used for tipping. If the total fare is more than what is available on the taxi debit card, it is the riders' responsibility to pay the difference. $2.25 is the boarding fare plus $1.80 per mile. There is also a traffic delay time/waiting time charge of $.45 per every 1.5 minutes. Riders may be responsible for any toll charges the trip may require. Drivers will accept cash or credit card.

Guests and Personal Care Attendants (PCA): Registrants taxi debit card may not be used for accompanying guests or PCA's fare. There is an additional $2.00 charge for each guest and/or PCA. The driver will accept that fare from the guest or PCA in cash or by credit card.

Taxi Debit Card: Taxi subsidy may be purchased in $5 increments up to $50 per calendar month. Up to $200 of taxi debit value per calendar month, can be purchased at a cost of $50 to the rider. The rider is required to provide 25% of the card balance. The table below demonstrates how rider payments translate into the actual value on the card.

Rider Payment

Taxi Subsidy Received

Taxi Debit Card Value

































The value stored on the debit card may not exceed $200 at any time, and it may only be used for taxi rides. Value can be loaded onto debit cards by credit/debit card, check or money order either on the web or by mail at DART-Collin County Rides, P.O. Box 840009, Dallas, TX 75284-0009. Once loaded, the money cannot be refunded.

Once received, cards should be registered at By registering, riders will be able to check card balance at any time, as well as recover the value in the event a card is lost or stolen. DART cannot recover values from unregistered cards.

Lost or Stolen Cards: Report lost, stolen or damaged taxi debit cards to DART at 214-749-3400. There is no fee for the first lost card, but a $5 fee will be assessed for any additional replacement cards.