2017 Entrepreneurship Award the Governor’s Committee honors James Parker, owner of Shredding on the Go (SOTG).

Nov 3 2017

Houstonian James Parker receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Image of James Parker

Photo of 2017 Employment Award winner, James Parker

Annually, since 1979, the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities (GCPD) has highlighted the efforts of employers to hire and retain employees with disabilities, and to recognize Best Practices in the workplace. For the 2017 Entrepreneurship Award the Governor’s Committee honors James Parker, owner of Shredding on the Go (SOTG). Mr. James Parker and the Shredding on the Go team were honored on October 24th in Austin at the Lex Frieden Employment Awards. State Representative Kevin Roberts accepted the award on behalf of Mr. Parker.

SOTG provides confidential and efficient shredding services for business and residential customers in the Houston area. SOTG formed in February, 2010, after a group of people came together at a Person Centered Planning meeting to discover what James would do for employment. Based on James’s love for putting objects into containers and his practicing shredding at his Grandmother’s house, James’s parents decided that starting a self-employment business for James was the best option. James did his first job in July 2010 and even though he had 4 years of high school left, he worked at growing his business. Today his business has over twenty-five contract clients and has hired more than twenty individuals with disabilities to work for his company.

His business is fully sustainable and pays taxes. Initially SOTG received support from the state vocational rehabilitation program. James also is in the Medicaid waiver CLASS program and has a supported employment specialist who supports him on the job. Shredding on the Go is an excellent example of how a group of agencies (school, vocational rehabilitation, CLASS program) can work together to support an individual with disabilities to accomplish their dreams.

SOTG has earned a reputation of being a responsible and flexible business that empowers people with disabilities. Renee Parker, business manager says “What our business has proven is that these individuals have abilities they can use, and it benefits their lives and the community.” The team of workers includes men and women with different types of disabilities who use high-tech equipment to destroy documents, credit cards, and CDs. The company focuses on providing outstanding customer service and complete confidentiality in handling sensitive documents. The shredded paper is recycled and certificates of destruction are issued to the customer. The service is offered at the client’s site or documents may be picked up to shred at SOGT’s home location. SOGT is certified as a disability-owned business through the U.S. Business Leadership Network, a nonprofit organization that promotes disability inclusion. James says, “I hope that Shredding on the Go inspires others to find creative ways to help people with disabilities have jobs.” To learn more visit the company’s website, https://shreddingonthego.com/

The Governor’s Committee presents the Entrepreneurship Award to an entrepreneur with a disability who has shown extraordinary ingenuity and drive to create and sustain a successful business that has created jobs and accessible services. An important element in the consideration of the award was the Parker family’s active and enthusiastic advocacy for creating business opportunities for people with disabilities. The GCPD staff and Committee members congratulate Mr. Parker and Shredding on the Go for their outstanding business success.

For more information about the Lex Frieden Employment Awards, visit https://gov.texas.gov/organization/disabilities/awards/employment_awards