The DISABILITY VOTE can influence the outcome of this election

Publication Date: 
Sep 30 2020


I VOTE EARLY                                                                

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The November 3 election will have a dramatic effect on disability rights and services at the local, state and national levels for the next decade. 

The DISABILITY VOTE can influence the outcome of this election.  It is in our interest to support candidates – regardless of which party they represent – that support policies and funding that promote our ability to be included in our communities like every other Texan!

REV UP Texas’ I VOTE EARLY campaign encourages eligible voters to use the mail-in ballot. But if you want to go to the polls, vote during the EARLY VOTING period. (See In-Person Voting below.)


If you have not already registered to vote, you MUST register by October 5 to be able to vote November 3. Click here to register.


  • To request a mail-in ballot, click here.
  • To be sure that your mail-in ballot WILL BE COUNTED, you must fill it out and mail it the day you get it – or the next day at the very latest.  If you can hand-deliver you ballot, that’s even better. But you MUST deliver it by November 4


Early Voting Dates: October 13 – October 30

General Election: November 3

  • Because of COVID-19, many counties are having a hard time finding poll workers.  This may cause counties to consolidate or eliminate polling locations.
  • If you find long lines when you go to vote in person, there are laws that may allow you get preference.
  • Contact your county for voting locations. Click here to find contact information for your county election official.


Secretary of State General Information on Disability – Voting

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