Cease Tobacco Use Survey for People with Disabilities

Publication Date: 
Jul 27 2016
Survey from University of Florida

My name is Dr. Jamie Pomeranz and I am a faculty member in the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida. I have in the past and continue to collaborate with Independent Living Centers throughout the country concerning tobacco cessation related research for people with disabilities. In fact, we developed one of the first tobacco cessation programs for people with disabilities called “Living Independent from Tobacco (LIFT).”  The program was developed by and for people with disabilities and has been implemented at the Center for Independent Living in North Central Florida. 

My colleagues and I are currently seeking to enhance the LIFT program by developing an integrated online/mobile digital platform.  We are hoping to collect data on whether people with disabilities would be interested in this type of program and how confident they would be in using an online/mobile digital platform for tobacco cessation.

This survey has been approved by the University of Florida’s Institutional Review Board.  I am  respectfully requesting that you forward the link to the online survey to any organizations, consumers with disabilities, or any other groups who you feel would contribute to our study.  Thank you so much for your time

Tobacco Cessation for People with Disabilities Survey