Our mission is to provide services for people with disabilities so that they are able to lead self-directed lives and to educate the general public about disability-related topics in order to promote a barrier free community.

The contents of this website were developed, in part, under grants from the U.S.  Department of  Education (ED) and the Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS). The contents of this website do not, however, necessarily represent the policies of ED and DARS and you should not assume endorsement by either the federal or state government.

REACH receives a majority of its funding to operate the centers from grants from ED and DARS. REACH of Denton receives 100% of its funding ($218,232) from ED; REACH of Fort Worth receives 100% of its funding ($250,000) from DARS; REACH of Dallas receives 95% of its funding ($420,955) from ED and 5% ($24,559) from DARS; and REACH of Plano receives 100% of its funding ($250,000) from DARS.



Updated 11/8/17

Board Officers:

Julia Chalker, President

Joyce Tepley, Vice President 

Patt Bourland, Secretary 

Gordon Meredith, Treasure 

Board Members:

RC Brown, ATP, CEAC 

Margot Dickey, Ph.D. 

Carla Forman, Board Member Emeritus,  

Emilio Gandara

Sylvia Hodgins 

Larry Hughes

Brooke Lewis

Robert Petty 

Joe Rivas 

Sarah Rose, Ph.D.

Jose Santos 

David Saunders 

Abu Yilla, Ph.D.

Emeritus Council Members:

Penny Acrey

Maria Bean 

Pat Neh

Barbara Nwaigbo